Jeremy Shockey sounds off on Goodell, concussions

That sound you hear in the background is any remaining interest in free-agent tight end Jeremy Shockey evaporating.

Shockey, who reportedly has drawn interest (but no workout, yet) from the Eagles, has teed off on Commissioner Roger Goodell, accusing the Commissioner of lying about the health effects of concussions.

“The no it all Rog goodell lied to every player and told us concussions will not effect us in life that a LIE!” Shockey declares on Twitter.

The full extent of Shockey’s Twitter timeline suggest that he’s thinking about joining the concussion lawsuits, given that he says, “Science tells me I’ll be dead time in 54yrs old!! What would u do?“

Shockey, who has played for the Giants, Saints, and Panthers, also says, “It would be great to give the health study on NFL players on a commercial during the games!! just want the fans and congress to know! FACT.”

Of course, if Shockey decides to keep playing at a time when he fully appreciates and is concerned about the risks, it’ll be hard for him to do anything about it later.  But if no one gives him an opportunity to keep playing, there’s a chance he may do something about it sooner.

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