D.J. Williams ordered to pay NFL $536 in court costs

In closing out its case between Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams and the NFL, the U.S. District Court in the District of Colorado ordered Williams to pay $568 in court costs to the league.

It may be getting tougher for Williams to meet such costs. Although his contract calls for him to make $5 million this year, the six-game suspension he was _ and still is _ trying to fight means his salary would be reduced 35.3 percent, which would leave Williams with $3.235 million. Uncle Sam takes roughly half of that in taxes which would leave Williams with roughly $1.62 million.

While that may keep Williams in the 1 percenter group, $1.62 million is a long way from $5 million. Williams did appeal the District Court’s decision to dismiss his lawsuit against the league, which gave him a six-game suspension for violating its performance-enhancement policy.

As to what the league will do with that $58, it appears lunch in Manhattan is on Roger Goodell.

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