Devin Hester is in a happy place

Devin Hester’s profile never has been lower since he signed a four-year, $40 million contract extension in 2008 that made the Pro Bowl kick returner the Bears’ highest-paid wide receiver.

Brandon Marshall is unquestionably the Bears’ No. 1 receiver. Rookie Alshon Jeffery has more potential. Tight end Evan Rodriguez is a more intriguing playmaker. Earl Bennett still is a security blanket quarterback Jay Cutler will look to on third downs and in tight spots.

Though he’s still a starter, Hester is just another guy in this offense — and he couldn’t be happier.

‘‘Now I can go in and just play and not try to put a lot of pressure on myself to be the guy who takes over the game for us,’’ Hester said. ‘‘We have a lot of depth, and we have a lot of weapons. A majority of the time, safeties cheated to my side [before]. I was getting a lot of balls thrown my way, but I wasn’t getting a lot of mismatches and getting put on guys that aren’t supposed to be out there.’’

Hester, who has four receptions for 46 yards in the preseason, is excited about the opportunity to play in an offense he said is more suited for him than any he has played in since he became a wide receiver in 2007.

‘‘It’s more of a spread offense. It gets guys in mismatches,’’ Hester said. ‘‘We’ll have four or five playmakers on the field, and it’s going to be like, ‘Who are you going to double-team?’

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