'Reggie Wayne reporting for duty'


Reggie Wayne: The veteran receiver has often made dramatic -- and thematic -- arrivals at training camp.

This morning, he showed up in three Humvees with soldiers from the Indiana National Guard in Shelbyville.

Emerging from one of the Humvees in military fatigues, Wayne declared: "Reggie Wayne reporting for duty."

Then he paid tribute to the soldiers who joined him.

"I had these guys on speed-dial," Wayne said. "I take my hat off to these guys. They're on 24-hour notice."

In the past, Wayne has shown up to camp in a dump truck to symbolize getting ready for hard work. Another year, he showed up in an Arizona Cardinals No. 32 jersey as a tribute to former Colts running back Edgerrin James.

"I don't want people to think this is a joke," Wayne said this morning. "I fully support the military. They are the heroes. ... I want our team to take a page out of their book. These guys are what you call true heroes. I appreciate that."

The military escort was planned two years ago, but the Colts, then under different management, nixed the idea, said Staff Sgt. Lamont Sullivan.

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