Santana Moss on RG3: 'He's that dude'

Santana Moss knows Redskins quarterbacks. He’s worked with old ones (Mark Brunell, Donovan McNabb) young ones (Patrick Ramsey, Jason Campbell) and a few in between. He had Rex Grossman’s back when the quarterback got benched last year. Moss has lived through the hype and expectations that accompanied the arrivals of the likes of Campbell, a first-round pick, and McNabb, a successful veteran.

It didn’t take long for Moss to be impressed with the Redskins next and, hopefully, long-term solution at QB. Appearing on NFL Total Access on the NFL Network last night, Moss said that he knew that Robert Griffin III is the real deal soon after taking the field with him.

“He has a pretty good zip on the ball,” Moss said. “He has a quick release and that’s something I didn’t expect until I got out there and started going through practice with him.” 

“Once I had seen a couple of throws, I was like, ‘He’s that dude.’”

Moss said that the Redskins have been looking “that dude” for “a few years”. Truth be told, it’s been more like 27 years, ever since Joe Theismann broke his leg against the Giants in 1985. 

Theismann, Doug Williams, and Mark Rypien, all Super Bowl winning quarterbacks, never received the hype that RG3 is getting in Redskins Nation. “It’s crazy now and it’s going to get crazier in due time when it gets closer to the season,” Moss said.

But Moss believes that Griffin will live up to the high expectations. “Pretty much whatever you heard, you didn’t hear wrong.,” he said. “He’s exceptional. His talent is already known and what he can do.

“To be here with him practicing, going over the plays and seeing how he can throw the ball, that was an eye-opener for a lot of us. He’s going to be compared to a lot of folks and a lot of people, but I feel like he can only be himself.”

Like Moss, most believe that Robert Griffin III being himself will be plenty good enough to end the Redskins’ search for a franchise quarterback.

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