Sinorice Moss anxious to play for the Roughriders

Former New York Giants receiver Sinorice Moss is to make his pre-season debut with the Roughriders on Friday against the visiting Calgary Stampeders. Moss missed the Riders’ pre-season opener in B.C. with a groin injury. Here is what he had to say about suiting up for the Riders on Friday:

How itchy are you to finally get a chance to play in one of these CFL games that you’ve heard so much about? “I’m very excited — very, very anxious and very excited. I’ve been preparing myself for a couple of weeks now. To finally have an opportunity to come out here and be special for the team is great excitement for myself. Playing football up here is amazing and an adrenalin rush, and something that I’m anxious to be a part of.’’

What has piqued your curiosity in particular? “Just being out in the atmosphere. I heard the city of Regina and Saskatchewan and the fans are amazing, so I just want to be out here in the atmosphere and feel the energy of the fans and come out here and have a great game.’’

Has it been a little frustrating not getting the opportunity until now and having one pre-season game pass? “I won’t say it made me upset at all or anything. I’ve been preparing myself in practice and making a lot of plays in practice and doing what I have to do to learn the system. Now I finally have a game to come out here and play and showcase my talents. That’s what it’s all about.’’

What do you want people to see? What do you want people to be saying about you after tomorrow’s game? “I really don’t listen to what people have to say. I just want to come up here and be a key acquisition for this team, come out here and make some plays and, when given the opportunity, go out and make the best of it.’’

When the Riders played in B.C., you were resting a minor groin injury, right? “Yes. They thought it was best for me not to participate in that game. It was the coaches’ decision. Now it’s my time to come out here and have some fun.’’

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