Ray Lewis wants to sell you $75 fitness playing cards

There's no question Ray Lewis is one fit, fierce guy. But just a bet here -- his muscles have nothing to do with playing cards.

And yet, the Ravens linebacker is selling a new fitness programs that involves little more than a deck of cards. It costs $75 but dealhunters can snag it today for $35 through Groupon. (Plus shipping.)

A $35 deck of cards? For working out?

Maybe for working out AND a Go Fish. Still.

Lewis' website, RL52 Cycling Shop, insists that all anyone needs to build muscle and lose fat, Ray-style, is that deck of cards and 52 days. Oh, and some hand weights, a jump rope and motivation -- none of which are included.

"The program allows you to play your way to fitness," says the site. "Join the movement."

Buyers choose between three types of decks. The "Rookie" for beginners, "Amateur" for people who've been to the gym before and "Pro" for athletes.

By mid-morning today, two people had gone for the cards through Groupon.

Lewis, by the way, is also selling workout DVDs -- they're going two for $59.90.

One of his exercise bikes -- he's got three models on the site -- will cost $1,100 to $1,900.

Being fit like Ray Lewis doesn't come cheap.

"Ray Lewis has worked with thousands of ordinary people and changed their lives forever by helping them transition to a healthier lifestyle," the site says. "At 36 years of age and in the best shape of his life, Ray Lewis knows what it takes to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle."

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