Ed Reed Wants the Challenge

Ed Reed talked with the media after a training camp practice recently and gave his opinions on a number of subjects, one of which was the fact that the Ravens are going to be seeing some very good quarterbacks this season.

The Ravens are going to be battling the likes of Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger and the Manning brothers -- back-to-back in December – but Reed said he’s looking forward to the challenge. 

“Bring them on, man,” Reed said when talking to the media last week. “I’m sure they are going to game-plan like they always do – write [his name/number] on their wristband and know I’m there and all that. I welcome them. I look forward to them.

It also was easy to see that Reed wanted to make a point. He might be older, but he’s still a person opposing offenses want to watch out for at all times. 

The veteran safety has no doubt on that one.

“That’s probably a question for you critics who said Ed Reed has lost it, but they won’t throw my way,” Reed said. “How have I lost it if they are not throwing my way? It’s a lot of respect for those guys. I never train any different or prepare any different for either game. It’s always who I am going against and what we need to prepare for as a team.”

So, that’s the main thing Reed looks at before each game—who will the Ravens be going against and what is needed for a victory.

That’s the point Reed was trying to get home. He and the Ravens insist on being prepared, no matter who’s playing quarterback.

“So, whether it’s Brady, Eli [Manning], those guys know who we are, and they are going to run their game plan,” Reed said. “All we have to do is be ready.”

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