Ryan Braun surpasses his 2011 home run total

While the baseball world fixates on Bartolo Colon's suspension for his positive testosterone test, a bit of old business from the world of baseball doping:
Ryan Braun has already exceeded his home run total for 2011.

Braun smacked his 34th home run Wednesday afternoon against the Chicago Cubs, continuing a stellar season that nearly matches - and may ultimately surpass - his National League MVP effort from a year ago.

He's on pace for 45 home runs, which would obliterate his career high of 37.

At the end of 2011, of course, Braun tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone, but he avoided a 50-game suspension in 2012 when his appeal was upheld by an independent arbitrator.

Braun faced much skepticism that he was actually clean, facing far more doubt nationwide than he did, naturally, in Milwaukee.

Now, he's put up another MVP-caliber season, which he will surely point to as further evidence that exonerates him.

The segment of the baseball world that only grows more skeptical might beg to differ.

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