Best spot for Aubrey Huff is designated hitter

We've never been a big fan of the designated hitter, but isn't it time for the National League to join the rest of professional baseball and add another hitter to its teams' lineups?

Watching the Giants' Aubrey Huff's adventures in right field against the Dodgers on Sunday – and seeing him diving, sliding, etc., over and over and over, thanks to ESPN – should make Giants fans long for the designated hitter.

Hey, we're not blaming Huff, who came to the Giants from the Tigers and played a key role in last season's championship. He's taking one for the team so can't-miss rookie Brandon Belt can play first base. The Giants figure Belt is the future at first – and Huff is, after all, 34 years old.
When Cody Ross returns from the disabled list to his spot in right field, where does that leave Huff?

The Giants need Huff's bat at the No. 3 spot in the lineup, so he'll likely get the majority of his starts in left, taking at-bats from Pat Burrell, who has hit two home runs in the Giants' first four games.

Good managing – no matter the business – is understanding your people's strengths and weaknesses and putting each in the best possible position to succeed.

To us, that means using Huff as the designated hitter.

Too bad, Giants fans, that the National League hasn't joined modern baseball yet.

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