Willis McGahee would make more than almost every Ravens starter

The biggest reason why the Ravens are expected to cut running back Willis McGahee is his 2011 price tag.

McGahee's $6 million salary would exceed every Ravens starter currently under contract for next season except one -- safety Ed Reed, who is scheduled to receive $6.5 million in 2011. (Defensive tackle Haloti Ngata is technically not under contract right now because he hasn't signed his $12.5 million franchise tag tender).

In fact, 11 players on the Ravens roster are under contract to make at least $3 million in 2011:

Ed Reed, safety: $6.5 million
Anquan Boldin, wide receiver: $6 million
Todd Heap, tight end: $4.6 million
Ray Lewis, linebacker: $4.5 million
Derrick Mason, wide receiver: $4.5 million
Joe Flacco, quarterback: $4.48 million
Domonique Foxworth, cornerback: $4 million
Jarret Johnson, linebacker: $3.5 million
Kelly Gregg, nose tackle: $3.5 million
Terrell Suggs, linebacker: $3.4 million
Matt Birk, center: $3 million

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