Patriots coach Bill Belichick Talks Ed Reed & Ray Lewis

On his man-love for Reed : “I don’t know where to start. The play Ed Reed makes at the end of the game against Houston last week, I think that says it all, really. He’s playing one side of the field trying to stay over the top of (Andre) Johnson, who they single up on the backside. I’m sure that they were looking for him. If he had single coverage, they’d want to throw it up to him, but Reed is over the top of him but they throw the Hail Mary to the other side and he comes all the way across the field and makes the play — really kind of a game-saving play. I’m not sure that if he hadn’t made it, I don’t know what would have happened there. Those are the kinds of plays he makes. He probably covers more field back there as a single safety than most teams can cover with two. He’s got great instincts, he’s a tremendous player.”

On Ravens LB Ray Lewis: “Ray Lewis, everything he brings to the game, his playmaking ability, his leadership, his experience, his ability to get people around him to play better both by his communication and anticipation and leadership and football savvy on the field. Those two guys, it would be really hard, I think, to put anybody even in their class, let alone above them. They’re tremendous players with tremendous careers. Can’t say I’ve ever coached against anybody better than Ed Reed in the secondary.

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