Bill Polian talks up Reggie Wayne

Peyton Manning won’t be the only guy waving to Indy in the rear-view mirror this year.  Receiver Reggie Wayne likely will be doing the same.

The man who drafted Manning and Wayne thinks Wayne should find a high demand for his services.  Former Colts Vice Chairman Bill Polian made the case for Wayne earlier today on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

“[Wayne] has a brilliant football mind,” Polian said Thursday, while co-hosting with Alex Marvez.  “He understands the games, the nuances of coverage, how to get open, the people he’s playing against and he has an incredible relationship with Peyton Manning in terms of a symbiosis between the two.”

Polian also believes Manning would be interested in bringing Wayne to Manning’s next team, assuming Manning has a next team.

“Reggie doesn’t run with as much speed and explosion as he once did but he has phenomenal hands,” Polian said.  “He really can set up defensive backs.  When you talk about a team, for example, like the Jets that have plenty of speed but not enough people who can really get open and make plays in clutch situations, particularly from a hands standpoint, Reggie would be a perfect fit there.”

Polian believes that, even if the Colts want to keep Wayne, the cap situation will make it difficult, if not impossible.  So look for Wayne to hit the open market.  And don’t be surprised if he’s reunited with Peyton Manning.

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