Ryan Braun: 'Real story' hasn't been told

Phoenix - After socking his first spring homer Thursday against Cincinnati -- which also was his first hit -- Ryan Braun was asked by visiting reporters what he hears from other players about his drug-test saga over the winter.

Braun says he gets support from players who he has told "the real story."

Braun was asked if the real story ever would be told -- giving him another chance to do so -- but all he said is "I highly doubt it. They're probably not going to know too much more than they know now." 

"People are going to have different opinions," added Braun. "Most of them don't know the real story. It's tough sometime to base your opinion or fomulate a decision when you don't know what happened. Overall, everybody has been real supportive."

So, no new information on that front. As for the "real story," I guess we'll all have to wait to see if it ever comes out, from Braun or anyone else. 

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