Glenn Cook enjoying job as scout for Indianapolis Colts

CORAL GABLES – While at a Battle of Florida All-Star Game practice on Wednesday, I ran into former Hurricanes linebacker and graduate assistant Glenn Cook, now a scout for the Indianapolis Colts.

He joined the organization in June.

Cook, who looked the part wearing a white Colts polo shirt and blue visor pulled down low, said he’s really enjoying scouting and that it suits him better than coaching.

“It’s always been my passion evaluating players,” said Cook, who played in 47 games (17 starts) from 2004-08 and recorded 186 career tackles, including a team-high 76 as a senior.

“I always tell the story that when I played video games, I used to do the manager mode and try to put together teams and see how fast you get to the Super Bowl. It was always in me to do it. It’s kind of second-hand, natural.”

Defensive end Adewale Ojomo, one of eight Hurricanes playing in the Battle of Florida on Saturday, said it’s a little weird seeing his former teammate evaluating NFL hopefuls this week.

“I spent a couple of years with him at UM and he’s a good friend of mine, a very good guy,” Ojomo said. “I always knew he’d make that transition because he was always good with the X’s and O’s and is a very social person.”

At this time last year, Cook joined Hurricanes coach Al Golden’s staff as a graduate assistant. Now he’s helping influence draft decisions after attending both college and pro games during the season.

“It’s a little pressure because you’re putting your name on something, saying this guy can play in the NFL or not, but it’s fun. It’s football at the end of the day,” Cook said.

“I’ve never been through the draft process, so it’ll be fun to see how it all pans out from when I first started at the beginning of the season.”

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