Calais Campbell In Talks With Cardinals About Extension

On re-signing defensive end Calais Campbell -- Talks are ongoing. That's as detailed as either side wants to get. Campbell's leverage is that he's due to become an unrestricted free agent in March. The Cardinals' leverage is that they can use the franchise or transition tag on Campbell. It makes sense for both sides to want to get a deal done. My guess is Campbell signs a long-term deal, and the money involved will be eye-popping. But, remember, the salary cap increases substantially in two years. By then, Campbell's deal will look more reasonable.

This fits into my simiplistic belief when it comes to compensation: Someone has to get paid.

Taken individually, a team can make a strong case against paying a player. But put those cases together and a lot of talent is allowed to leave the building. Karlos Dansby is an example. The Cardinals balked at paying Dansby so much money when they opened negotiations in, oh, 2006, or so. But two years later, that deal would have looked pretty good.

Campbell is just too good to allow him to hit free agency. He plays hard. He's improving. He's 25. He's a good guy in the locker room and in the community. If I'm an owner writing a big check, I'd feel pretty good about making it payable to Calais Campbell.

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