Prosecution plays police interview in Nate Webster teen sex trial

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - For the first time jurors heard from the defendant himself in the teen sex trial involving former Bengal Nate Webster. Friday the prosecution played a police recording where Webster admitted to having a sexual relationship with the teen.

"That's why I was trying to be so secretive, I knew … I knew. Every time I had sex with her I said ‘Man, this is going to come to bite me…" Webster stated on the tape.

In the beginning of the tape Webster denies a sexual relationship with the teen, but then changes his story after police present phone records.

"She is telling the truth when she says she's been having sexual intercourse with you," Hamilton County Police Detective Bryan Pitchford is heard asking in the tape.

"Yes," Webster responds.  

"Since she's been 15 that's all true," Pitchford later asks.

"That part," Webster acknowledged.

In the tape, Webster says the relationship was "breaking the law".  He also argued that it was the teen who pursued the relationship, calling her a compulsive liar.

The defense, however, argued the detectives lead Webster with their questioning about dates and ages.

"Nate also went on, on a number of occasions … would tell you he didn't know how old she was, correct?" the defense attorney asked. 

"Correct," responded Pitchford on the stand.

The defense argued Webster's recollection may have been impaired.

"Did you ask him if he had any health problems? Or memory problems? Or head problems or anything like that?" the attorney asked.  "No, mam," Pitchford responded.

The defense attorney went on to state Webster suffers from post concussion syndrome and that he receives disability from the NFL for the condition.

The defense also argued Webster may have misunderstood the law when he confessed to breaking it, saying he may have been thinking 18 was the age of consent in Ohio rather than actual age of 16.  

When the defense asked if detectives explained the law to Webster, Pitchford responded that he did not believe he did.
The defense is expected to wrap up their witness testimony on Monday.

Following Pitchford, the defense called three additional witnesses to the stand. The witnesses included a mother and son who had interacted with the alleged victim's family following an incident where the teen allegedly helped steal marijuana from Webster's vehicle. The final witness was a friend of Webster who also takes care of the defendant's property.

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