All rise … the honorable Judge Warren Sapp presiding

Are you having trouble deciding whether or not Janine, who failed out of beauty school, owes money to Stephen, who's never worn long pants before today, for not paying back money she borrowed from his Aunt Dotty for a really good deal on cigarettes?

Well, now you can ask seven-time Pro Bowler Warren Sapp.

Joining a list of immortals that includes Judge Judy, Judge Wapner and Judge Reinhold, Warren Sapp will now sit behind a big fake judge's desk and wear a big fake judge's robe in the middle of the weekday. That's according to Media Rantz, who uncovered several bits of evidence that "Judge Sapp" is already filming. Perhaps most telling was this call for audience members to sit and be paid to watch Judge Sapp dispense justice.

Sapp is an analyst on the NFL Network (though he wasn't seen working at the NFL draft and his contract is expiring in August) and he recently filed for bankruptcy protection in Florida. At the time, he also said he feared being sued by Jeremy Shockey, who Sapp said was responsible for blowing the whistle on the Saints bounty system.

But if it turns out that Sapp is really good at the TV judge thing, it could solve all of his financial problems. I'm sure he's a long way from this, but Judge Judy is currently pulling in $45 million a year for yelling at people.

I'm of the opinion that Sapp did good work on the NFL Network, but I don't know if he's the guy I'd seek out for a fair and reasonable ruling on a dispute. "Yes, the court has determined that since Mr. Clifton happened to be looking in the other direction, it was perfectly acceptable to destroy his pelvis."

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