Leonard Hankerson’s Twitter bet

On Friday, Leonard Hankerson tweeted an apology to his fans.

“Peeps I'm apologizing b4 hand lol I have to change my profile pic for a couple days, I lost a bet lol #HeatNation they let me down Vs BOS”

It turns out that with all of the Redskins’ betting going on, Florida native Hankerson had made a wager of his own with a hometown friend. While this bet wasn’t monetary, it did put the wide receiver’s pride on the line.

“It was the Miami vs. Boston game,” he explained in a text message. “Miami lost, so I had to wear the Boston green and hat as my avi.”

The picture, shown in the tweet above, stayed up until 6 p.m. on Sunday, at which point Hankerson was allowed by the terms of the bet to change it.
Boston and Miami meet again on Tuesday, so did Hankerson put his avatar on the line again?

“Naw, I bet him lunch or dinner.”

Smart move.

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