Bernie Kosar Talks Browns

CLEVELAND - It's been almost 20 years since Bernie Kosar took a snap for the Cleveland Browns. The Boardman standout won his place in Browns fans’ heart when he figured out that his favorite team, the Browns, could get him in the little-used 1985 NFL supplemental draft.

Kosar is still very active in northeast Ohio. He is involved with the Browns, but less than he was when Eric Mangini was head coach. His influence is picking up steam once again.

"The way the draft goes now, this is the best chance for optimism,” said Kosar about this year’s NFL Draft. “Whether we liked the trade or not last year, we have three of the first 37 picks, four picks in the top 75. There's a lot of really good football players and just because you don't know them, sometimes give them a chance. I remember last year some of the pessimism on Jabaal Sheard. Not a lot of people knew who he was. He wasn't a household name."

Kosar is looking for a difference maker.

"I think we like to see the same stuff really transpire this year, having the opportunity to get some more guys that could add to the nucleus of this team, because our division, Pittsburgh and Baltimore, have had an awesome run for the last decade,” Kosar said. “But hopefully they're getting older. This is a young man's game. We can replenish it and rebuild with youth through the draft."

Kosar even has his hands in the Gladiators and became close with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. He has seen some hard times, going through a divorce and bankruptcy. Through it all, he is still one of Cleveland's favorite sons.

On and NewsChannel5, Bernie talks in his exclusive interview with sports director Andy Baskin about all of these topics and more. He discusses who is a better owner, Randy Lerner or Gilbert? If he wishes he was in the same shoes as Broncos general manger John Elway? Or does he think the Browns are going in the right direction?

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