proCanes Flood Impressive list of assistant coaches for Battle of Florida

Howard Schnellenberger and Bobby Bowden won't be stealing the spotlight when it comes to coaches for the Battle of Florida.

Check out this list of former college and NFL players ---

Devin Bush, Leon Searcy, Kerwin Bell, Ernie Mills, Jesse Hester, Oronde Gadsen.

And that is just he North side...

Mike Rumph, Mike Kruczek, Donnell Bennett and Don Soldinger are among those on the South.

Now some names may pop out, some not, but google the ones you don't know.

That is a lot of firepower. Rumph was a Delray kid who played at Atlantic, starred at Miami, and went on to solid NFL career.

Searcy was another Miami to NFL guy. Hester went to FSU then to the NFL, etc, etc.

I'm sure the players will like having former NFL players helping them this week.

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