Michael Irvin: “I almost threw up” when I heard Gregg Williams audio

Former Cowboy and Hall of Fame WR Michael Irvin of the NFL Network was so sickened listening to the audio of Gregg Williams telling his players to injure certain 49ers that he almost tossed his cookies:

“Since you were a baby you’ve understood never take out a man’s knees and on this tape he’s talking about taking out an ACL,”…

“I almost threw up when I heard it. I pulled back any covers that I may have had for a coach. If he is out of the league forever, it would be only the right thing to do.”

Williams is currently serving an indefinite suspension.

Whether Roger Goodell decides to let Williams back at some point, Irvin goes on to say “The Commissioner, you can’t let [Williams] back in,”

Williams’ indefinite suspension may just turn out to be a lifetime ban. With all the concern going on in the league regarding player safety, this has to be really disappointing to the NFL brass to hear a coach cross the line like this.

While this does not bode well for the Saints’ appeal, it all but destroys Gregg Williams’ NFL coaching career.

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