Willis McGahee admits he's not a fan of zone-read option plays

Having a quarterback like Peyton Manning alters the leadership dynamic on the practice field from when Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow were around. "It's different, because we didn't really have that last year where the quarterback was demanding of us, telling us where he wanted us and just taking charge," RB Willis McGahee said.

Heading into his 10th NFL season, McGahee expects that his career will be lengthened simply because Peyton Manning is around. "I don't have to take all that pounding anymore, because with Peyton out there, just being him, he's going to take a lot of pressure off the run game," McGahee said.

All McGahee needed was rest in order to shake the nagging knee and hamstring problems that dogged him in the second half of the season last fall. "I had to fight through it," McGahee said. "It didn't get right until the season was over with when I actually got some rest because I didn't get the rest that I needed."

McGahee's biggest game in his renaissance season came at Oakland in Week 8, when he ran for 163 yards, of which 125 came on zone-read option plays. But he's not eager to return to those days. "It's like running on blind faith, you know what I mean?" he said. "Either you're going to get the big run or you're going to get hit. I'm not a fan of getting hit, but it was my job description and that's what I had to do."

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