Antrel plays new Rolle: comedian

Get your popcorn ready.

Because if Tuesday’s press conference was any indication, Giants safety Antrel Rolle is going to put on a show next week at Super Bowl Media Day.

Here were some of the highlights of Rolle’s 17-minute, 29-second LOL-fest:

Rolle when asked if he watched the 2007 Super Bowl.
“I watched it in Brazil. There was only one place where I was that was showing the game. I was standing on top of like two bar stools, and probably a midget was under me, who knows. I don’t know. It was extremely crowded. Everyone was stacked on top of each other. It was a small place in Brazil no bigger than a rest room ... and there was a million people in there, and I had to watch the game.”

Rolle when asked if the Giants’ Super Bowl run was one of the reasons he signed there.
“...I didn’t even know Arizona before I got drafted there, the Cardinals? I’m like, Jerry Maguire?”

Rolle when asked if he noticed if Eli Manning had any bruises after getting hit so much by the 49ers.
“I don’t know, man, I’m not looking at his body!”

Rolle when asked if he saw 82-year-old Ann Mara chiding Terry Bradshaw after the NFC Championship game.
“When I say ‘all hands on deck,’ I don’t just mean the men in the locker room.”

Rolle when asked if he’d ever cross Mrs. Mara.
“I don’t cross any Maras.”

Rolle when asked if he through it was fitting that the Giants were wearing their road-white jerseys.
“It doesn’t matter what we got on, we could go out there bare-skinned...”

Rolle when asked about Tom Brady.
“During the course of the game I’m covering my guys -- we’re in zone coverage -- I see him scanning the field, and I’m like, I’ve played against a lot of great quarterbacks in my career, and the way he scanned the field, I was like ‘Dang!’ During the play, I was like ‘Wow!’ It kind of stung me for a second.”

“He’s exceptional, and gets all the credit he deserves and then some.”

Rolle was asked about Mannning.
“I think he’s proven himself before this year. But we all have to go through ups and downs and criticisms and speculation and what people may think and what they might think, but when it’s all said and done -- I didn’t say at the end of the day.”

Rolle first approached the podium and muttered the word “s---” under his breath.
“I’m tired. ... It’s all good.”

In 2007, Michael Strahan emerged as the star of Super Bowl Media Day. But at the end of the day, Rolle may overshadow Strahan's epic performance next week.

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