Lamar Miller wants to be first-round pick

Q: How much does it help that so many of your Hurricanes teammates are here?
A: “It will be a good experience. It’s a lot of us and we’re just trying to make each other better. We’re going to go out here and compete and show the scouts what we’ve got.”

Q: What went into your decision to declare early for the NFL draft as a redshirt sophomore?
“My family and I felt it was the best decision. I just want to take my talents to the next level and live a dream…I felt like I played good enough to put myself in a good [position].”

Q: Do you pay attention to where you’re projected?
A: “I don’t pay attention to it. Some of my friends tell me about it, but I’m just trying to stay focused, stay humble throughout this whole process, show the teams what I’ve got.”

Q: If you’re taken in the second round instead of the first, how disappointing would that be?
A: “It would be a dream come true just to get to the next level. I want to show the scouts what I’ve got.”

Q: Any former ‘Canes give you guidance about this process?
A: “I talked to Frank Gore before I left. He was telling me how the process was, and to stay focused and do what I do best.”

Q: What is your relationship like with Gore?
A: “We have a great relationship. I use to hang out with his little cousin so we have a great relationship. I talked to him before we came up here and he was telling me positive things. I watch some of his games when I have a chance to. He’s a great runner. He’s physical, runs hard, and he has the mentality that he’s the best player on the field.”

Q: Do you like it when you’re compared to any of the former UM tailbacks?
A: “Not really. A lot of people compare me to Clinton Portis but I try to play my own game and leave this game legendary.”

Q: How would you describe your running style?
A: “I’m a fast running back. I’m a playmaker, a game changer. I’ll do anything to win games.”

Q: Do you feel your body is strong enough and you have the power you need to play in the goal line?
A: “Going to the next level I’m going to be facing bigger and faster opponents so I’m going to have to work on getting stronger and faster.”

Q: How do you rate your blocking and receiving skills?
A: “I have great hands out of the backfield. My blocking, I feel like that’s something I have to work on, being more aggressive and physical on pass pro.”

Q: What you think about the NFL’s perception that running backs are interchangeable, and often expendable?
A: “I understand that running backs don’t have a long time in the NFL because they get banged up a lot. I feel that I have the talent and the ability to be a first round running back and be one of the running backs who has the ability to make it to the Hall of Fame.”

Q: How important is it to keep the legacy of ‘The U’ going?
A: “That’s our main goal, keep the legacy going. We haven’t had a first round pick in a long time and we’re trying to break that streak.”

Q: Was it tough to leave UM with the program seemingly going in the right direction?
A: “They are going to have a great team coming back next year. They have a lot of veterans and just got a great recruiting class. Coach [Al] Golden is doing a great job with that.”

Q: How good can Eduardo Clements be?
A: “He’s a smart player. He runs tough and will do a good job.”

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