The Rock says Antrel Rolle and Kenny Phillips did good

The Rock says he is going to electrify MetLife Stadium like never before at next year's WrestleMania.

But Dwayne Johnson was a football player at the University of Miami before he became The Rock. And he dreamed of playing in the NFL and winning a Super Bowl. That is why he took time to walk on the MetLife Stadium field before yesterday's WrestleMania press conference and soak in the atmosphere of the home field of the world champion Giants. He also said he is thrilled for his fellow Hurricanes Antrel Rolle and Kenny Phillips.

"Very proud of those guys," Johnson said. "What happens when we’re at the University of Miami, there is such a love and connection and a brotherhood that we all have that we love and we support each other. It is about 'The U' whether we have winning seasons or not. But all those guys who go on and play in the NFL, I am very very proud of those guys. That was my goal too but it didn’t happen for me. It happened to those guys and I am very proud."

"Football was my life for a lot of years," he added. "I've always had what I call Super Bowl dreams, of getting drafted and playing in the NFL and playing in the Super Bowl. That never happened. So I live vicariously through a lot of these guys and the New York Giants is one of them.

"To be able to come here and not be a Super Bowl champion but be 'The People's champion'... on this field... awesome."

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