Jon Vilma's lawyer: Players not getting right of due process

Peter Ginsberg, LB Jonathan Vilma's lawyer, on not being able to see any bounty evidence: “The NFL and Commissioner Goodell have created a unique process that truly denies anyone accused ... any notion of due process. This isn't the first time we've asked the NFL to show us evidence that we could respond to its concerns. So it's disturbing first because Jonathan has been denied fundamental fairness and because Commissioner Goodell feels it's appropriate for him to publicly make some horrific accusations and allegations against Jonathan but doesn't for some reason feel it's appropriate to give to us or anyone else the basis for those allegations.”

Ginsberg also said it's too early to tell what forum or avenue that will push the NFL to show the bounty evidence. He also said he doesn't believe it's appropriate to have Goodell in charge of every step of the league's process. But Ginsberg does believe there will be avenues where the league will be forced to show the bounty evidence.

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