Willis McGahee encourages exercise

Working out? Willis McGahee didn't start really doing it until his third year of playing football.

In the NFL.

"It was just something that I had to get off my butt and do," the Denver Broncos running back said. "When you're younger, it's OK [not to]. You can get away with just relaxing and not doing anything. But the older you get, it becomes harder, and I realized the more you work out, [playing] becomes easier. It puts years on your life."

McGahee -- along with several other NFL stars -- is trying to spread that message through the NFL's Play 60 program, which encourages everyone to exercise for an hour a day. The program also provides workout classes with NFL players in select cities (McGahee spoke to Playbook last weekend from Equinox fitness club in Miami Beach).

And McGahee is happy to spread the word of working out's benefits to everyone.

"[It's] exciting just working out," McGahee said, "showing people you've got to be in shape and be able to do certain things so you won't be sitting around the house and just chilling."

McGahee clearly hasn't been just chilling; through personal training that involves some MMA, the South Florida resident and former University of Miami star is entering his 10th year in the league. McGahee, who played for the Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens earlier in his career, is looking forward to his second season on a Broncos team that has high hopes after acquiring Peyton Manning.

"[Working out has] kept me going," McGahee, 30, said. "I'm still running with these young guys. It shows a lot of what I do to prepare myself and get my body right for the situation."

The Play 60 program runs through this weekend. Classes in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami and New York are available here; proceeds go to the United Way and the Play 60 program.

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