Aubrey Huff Gets a Roasting

In certain quarters, you’ve heard and read that Aubrey Huff shouldn’t be too severely criticized for his gaffe at second base the other night in New York. Hey, he’s a first baseman. Can’t expect him to make that play.

Total nonsense.

If you’re a baseball player and you’re suddenly at second base, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t played it before. You start thinking like a second baseman. It’s not all that difficult, especially when it comes to “what happens if there’s a grounder to short?” Please. It couldn’t be simpler.

Thank goodness the Giants’ broadcasters took the proper stance on this. “Unbelievable,” Jon Miller said on the KNBR airwaves. “Huff acted as if he’s never seen a big-league game. You would think that he would know he’s got to go cover second base on a ground ball to short.”

Mike Krukow wasn’t terribly critical at the time, on Comcast, but he unloaded this morning on the Murph & Mac show: “Come on, what the hell’s he thinking about? You can’t defend that. That’s a brain-dead play. Unacceptable. He’s a baseball player. Cover the bag.”

For some reason, clueless critics peg the Giants’ broadcasters as “homers.” Couldn’t be further from the truth. They’re enthusiastic as all hell, but they don’t try to cover up a ridiculous mistake. Appreciate the truth-telling.

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