Clinton Portis confirms he’s still alive after Twitter rumors

Here was a weird thing that happened on Sunday and early Monday: people on Twitter started wondering whether Clinton Portis had died in a car crash. Like, famous people started wondering, too.

“What happened with clinton portis?” Maurice Jones-Drew asked on Twitter.

“Crazy people talking this Clinton Portis nonsense and I was just with the dude twitter sways people to say anything,” Redskins cornerback Josh Wilson wrote.

“Clinton portis is my family!!!! Alive and well! Whoever said that I wish I could c u in person! #TryYourLuck!!” Browns cornerback Joe Haden wrote.
Portis, naturally, chimed in on Twitter himself.

“Not sure about the rumor that’s out but I’m alive and well, before it even begins to spread of a car crash!!!!” Portis wrote. “I’m in bed goodnight world hopefully I don’t go in my sleep 2night!”

Still, people continued to speculate about Portis’s death for hours after that, and his name was trending for much of Sunday night and Monday morning.

If you wanted to know more, Portis was on 106.7 The Fan with Holden Kushner Monday afternoon, and he confirmed that he was not, in fact, dead.

“That rumor scared the mess out of me, got my mama calling me wanting to talk every hour,” Portis said. “I don’t know where the rumors came from, but I’m alive and well. Man, I done got calls from everybody. I guess it’s a trending topic on Twitter or whatnot....But I’m good, man. I appreciate the people that are worried, but it ain’t my time yet.”

Portis also talked about his potential comeback, saying he spent the last year traveling and being a dad, and also watching the Redskins. Which led to this.

“With the way Rex was playing, turnovers and all, your record 3-1, why go make the drastic change?” Portis asked. “Then all of the sudden you start the controversy in the locker room, and Beck comes in, and then you go back to Rex, and guys start to [get injured]....It was just a lot of shuffling, as usual.”

And he yet again wrapped up his tenure in D.C.

“I enjoyed my time with the Washington Redskins,” Portis said. “I don’t regret anything, I don’t look back and wish I would have changed anything. It was a moment in life. You know, everything comes to an end. That’s relationships, buying a new car, buying a new house.

“You always love it in the beginning, and towards the end, you see a new car that you want, or you feel like you need to upgrade and move, or you want to re-do your house. Nothing lasts forever, and I understand that. And I understand the decision that the Redskins made in moving on....I don’t have any regrets. I think Mr. Snyder gave me the opportunity to do something that most people would die for.”

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