Defense rests in Nate Webster teen sex trial

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The defense wrapped up witness testimony on Monday in the teen sex trial surrounding former Bengal Nate Webster.
Throughout the day, the defense kept coming back to a few main arguments.

One of those arguments sought to show that the teen had not babysat for the Websters as her family had alleged.

All family members questioned that were living in the house in 2009 denied any knowledge of the teen babysitting including Webster's wife and his brother-in-law. Webster's wife says she had help from family members and a woman who she had hired to help with childcare and would not have needed the teen to babysit.

The girlfriend of one of Nate Webster's brother-in-laws says she went clubbing with the teen on a number of occasions, saying the teen picked her up and allegedly used a fake I.D. to get into a downtown club.

The defense also argued that Nate Webster was not the one contacting the teen, but that it was in fact other family members using his cell phone.  One of Nate's two brother-in-laws living with him at the time says he often called the teen to get marijuana.

"When you were living in Ohio you would use Nate's phone?" Samms asked Evont Flanders, also known as "Red Man".

"Always," he replied.

The defense also brought up witness testimony of alleged abuse.

"She said that her father had molested her on an occasion," a neighbor recalled.

That neighbor, however, says he did not believe the teen's story.

The prosecution later questioned the adult why, if that is what he heard, he did not take that information to the teen's father.

"There's no need for me to alarm someone to a lie," he responded.

The prosecution did not stop there. They also questioned the testimony that Nate did not call the teen on his cell phone.
"All of you used the phone but Nate did not?" prosecuting attorney Katie Burroughs asked.

"Nate ain't no phone person," Evont replied.

"It wouldn't be unusual that you'd have 582 phone contacts with your ‘dealer' in those last four months of the year?" Burroughs questioned.
"Right," Evont Flanders responded.

The prosecution also questioned the two brother-in-laws about their living arrangements, bringing up the fact that they not only lived in Webster's home but that they often relied on him for money.

While on the stand, Nate's wife also testified that her family was never in Ohio at any point in August of 2009; a timeframe during which the teen had initially alleged to have had sex with Webster.

Webster's wife also testified that Nate does in fact suffer from memory loss allegedly related to sports injuries.

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