Miami Dolphins like Tommy Streeter

In the NFL Draft, teams often find themselves drafting players close to home. This phenomenon is not about it being easier to cultivate local talent, it’s about building a relationship with players.

It just happens to be, that in most cases, college players are more apt to build pipeline relationships with teams close to them. There are exceptions to that rule, for example, the Patriots’ connection with Florida players because of Bill Belicheck’s relationship with Urban Meyer.

The Miami Dolphins, at least in recent memory, haven’t had that sort of a relationship with Florida schools.

According to reports, they’re looking to start building a rapport with Florida kids. The Dolphins happen to need help at Wide Receiver, and Tommy Streeter is fairly high on the Dolphin’s board.

Streeter’s height, weight, and speed really turned heads at the combine. Anyone that watched Miami, however, shouldn’t have been surprised with Streeter’s game-changing athleticism.

In contrast to his athleticism, Streeter’s ability to grab the ball in traffic has been going under the radar. Although Streeter is admittedly raw, he’s a lot further along than most draft experts give him credit for.

Streeter didn’t get a lot of time before last season, but he proved to be a play-maker with a Quarterback that couldn’t hit a barn from ten yards away. He can get deep at will, and that should help him get on the field early on in his career.

Tommy Streeter’s stock has been falling as of late, but I think he’ll be drafted in the late third or early forth.

The Miami Dolphins will probably look to add multiple Wide Receivers in this particularly deep draft class. The Dolphins are weak at Wide Receiver after they traded away Brandon Marshall.

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