The going gets tougher for New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham

TAMPA, FLA. - Tight end Jimmy Graham is no longer a secret weapon for the New Orleans Saints. From now on, he expects to see a lot of defenses focus on him like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did in their 26-20 victory over the Saints on Sunday.

Although Graham still caught seven passes for 124 yards and became the first Saints player ever with four straight 100-yard receiving games, he was critical of himself after the game. He said he did "a lot of things wrong" as a receiver and route runner, including one dropped pass.
Graham said the Buccaneers were much more aggressive in their defense against him than teams had been earlier this year, using double coverage and having guys chip him at the line of scrimmage to affect his routes.

"Earlier most people let me just kind of do my thing, but after the first two drives I knew I was gonna have to start cutting harder, making more sharp cuts," Graham said. "In the past, I could be sloppy and make up for it with my quickness. But Sean (Payton) talks to me all the time about how defenses are going to start playing me different. They had a safety over the top, they were jamming me at the line. They had guys jam me who weren't even supposed to guard me. Little things I just have to get better at.

"I'm still new to this game. Right when I start to learn everything, everything changes on me."

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