E.Reed says he’s glad Ward wasn’t suspended

Ravens free safety Ed Reed and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward have made it clear that they’re not the best of friends. In many contests involving their respective teams, Ward has delivered some teeth-rattling hits to Reed, who has accused Ward of searching for cheap shots.

But about an hour prior to Wednesday’s practice and four days prior to Sunday’s season opener between the bitter AFC North opponents, Reed sympathized with Ward over his DUI arrest July 9 in his home state of Georgia and said he was glad that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell did not suspend Ward for Sunday’s showdown.

“The DUI was something that happened, and I’m sure Hines took care of that with the courts and community service or whatever it may be,” Reed said. “It’s an unfortunate situation. You don’t want to see any player in that situation. As far as suspension goes, you never want to see a player out of the game either. It’s not even a decision of mine to comment on. Whatever happened, happened. I’m just glad he’s all right [and] that there wasn’t anything tragic that came out of that because we know about situations where that has [occurred]. They took care of that situation and that’s behind them. We’re going to play football, and he’s going to come at me, and I’m going to go at him the way we do.”

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