Antonio Dixon: Shapiro's a Liar

Eagles defensive tackle Antonio Dixon wears his loyalty to the University of Miami on his sleeve.

Or under his sleeve. Dixon has the university logo tattooed on his right arm.

Dixon, a Miami native, was among the Hurricane athletes mentioned last month in Yahoo! Sports' expose of the Miami program. Dixon was alleged to have received improper benefits, including VIP access to nightclubs and drinks at least twice, and a dinner at a Miami Beach restaurant. Yahoo! said one source corroborated the allegation about the nightclub access and the drinks.

Dixon told the Daily News today that he did not accept anything improper from Shapiro, most definitely not the things he is alleged to have accepted.

"Nevin Shapiro is a liar," Dixon, 26, said after the afternoon practice. "He's bringing down our program."

Dixon said Shapiro has dramatically overstated how close he was to players during the time Dixon played for Miami.

"I only met him one time -- I went to a barbecue at his house," Dixon said. "He's a male groupie."

Shapiro, 42, is in jail for running a $930 million Ponzi scheme. He has alleged providing cash, cars and prostitutes, among other things, for Miami athletes.

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