Michael Irvin thrown out of son’s football game

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin retired from the team more than 10 years ago, and joined the Hall of Fame in 2007.

Today, however, he has another project — his 14-year-old son. He's on the eighth grade football team at Prestonwood Christian Academy.

On Thursday night, Irvin was watching the team play in Celina, yelling instructions to his son from the Celina side. He later described what happened in a radio interview.

"I said, 'Go get him back! Go hit him back! He's over you, you go block him!' to send the message. 'You come up here, with that, this is what you're going.' Man, that coach came... that coach like, 'You get your butt out of here right now!'"

A Celina ISD administrator tells News 8 Irvin became loud and belligerent, using the F-word. Irvin denies he used profanity.
Regardless, a Celina assistant principal called police.

Irvin refused to return to the Prestonwood Christian Academy side of the field.

"I did say this to the man. I said, 'I'm waiting on the police. When the police say I'll go, I'll go. I have to go? I'll go.' You're not thinking you're man enough to come and move me. And I think that might have tipped it just a little bit right there. The way in which a big black man delivered that to that fellow. That might have just tipped it and scared a few people. Anyway, the police came."

Irvin left when a responding officer told him he was on Celina's property.

There are no restrictions against Irvin attending future games.

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