John Beck: Interception wasn’t Leonard Hankerson’s fault

Washington Redskins quarterback John Beck said that his late-game interception on a pass intended for receiver Leonard Hankerson was his fault, not the rookie wide receiver’s.

With Washington down 30-20 on second-and-15 with 3:19 left to play, Beck threw a pass up the right sideline that Carolina cornerback Chris Gamble picked off before Hankerson – playing his first play all season – even looked back.

After the game, Beck said only that there was a “miscommunication” on the play, and it was believed that Hankerson — Washington’s third-round pick out of Miami — ran the wrong route. But Beck came into the locker room Monday to address the media regarding the interception.
The Redskins usually make the starting quarterback available only on Wednesdays and after games. But Beck told a PR representative that he wanted to talk to the media Monday morning.

Beck took several questions and then said he wanted to clear something up.

“On the play with Hankerson, it’s on me,” said Beck, who in his first start since 2007 completed 22 of 37 passes for 279 yards and a touchdown. “I’m the guy who’s got the ball in my hand, and I’m the one that makes the decision on where that ball goes. We’re very excited to have Hankerson be a part of this football team. He’s going to be a great asset to this team. Nothing goes on Hankerson. It all goes on me. You got that?”

Hankerson wasn’t in the locker room during the media availability session this morning.

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