Antrel Rolle says his play against Eagles was indicactive of his tough demeanor

Antrel Rolle was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct during the Giants">Giants’ 29-16 win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday and was involved in a handful of other scuffles throughout the game. This is emblematic of Rolle’s moxie — or “swag,” as he calls it — and he’s not shy in defending it.

“When I play the game, I play the game,” Rolle said today. “At the end of the day, the coaching gets done Monday through Saturday. Sunday, when I’m on the field, I’m in the zone. When I feel something needs to get done, I’ll handle it.

“I’ll take care of disciplinary actions after that. I wasn’t going to get myself ejected. I wasn’t going to hurt myself or hurt my team. I definitely was going to make a statement and hold my ground.”

Rolle didn’t understand why he was issued a 15-yard penalty because he said both he and Eagles tight end Brent Celek were tussling. Celek’s helmet came off, and Rolle admitted he pulled it off, but he said both players were involved. He added that he and Celek exchanged pleasantries after the game.

The 15-yard penalty didn’t seem to bother Rolle because “I have confidence that 15 will get 30 more.”

“And that’s the way I look at it, in the heat of the moment like that,” Rolle said. “Sometimes you have to put your foot down.”

Coach Tom Coughlin did not agree with this logic. The coach said Rolle was aware of how costly a personal foul can be and understands Rolle is an emotional, physical player. Coughlin did not expect the need to talk to Rolle this week about the emotions of playing Rolle’s former team, the Cardinals.

Rolle spoke fondly of his time in Arizona, where he helped the Cardinals to the Super Bowl. He had an amicable departure, understanding that they couldn’t pay him the money he wanted.

The Giants made Rolle the NFL’s highest-paid safety during the 2010 free agency period.

“I had a great time with the organization and with the teammates and the staff,” Rolle said. “Excited to go back and play ball.”

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