Clinton Portis on Tim Tebow

Having transcribed more Clinton Portis radio interviews than possibly any living human, I was thrilled to learn that the former Redskins star would be on both Mike & Mike and Colin Cowherd’s program during a Tuesday trip to Bristol. Portis made headlines virtually every Tuesday in D.C., and this would be like a nostalgic trip to free blog traffic land.

Except this was a different Portis, one who wore a fancy suit for his interviews and spoke carefully and didn’t mention a single word about 53 men’s packages. Guess nothing stays the same.

If there was one highlight, it was Portis twice predicting that the Houston Texans would face the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. And that was that.

But just in case you’re curious, here’s Portis’s thoughts about whether the Tim Tebow phenomenon is sustainable.

“I think anything is possible,” he told Cowherd. “You know, it’s the NFL. Like you said, Willis [McGahee] is having a great year out in Denver, Tebow [is] managing that team. With the defense playing the way they are, all he has to do is manage the game, and don’t turn it over, don’t put the Broncos in a bad situation

“And it’s working for him. How is it working? I have no clue, but so far it’s working. And it’s only a matter of time before becoming exposed will hurt you. Maybe they were exposed playing the Patriots. If you cause a turnover or if you hit Tebow before he gets started, that’s yet to see.”

Then Cowherd asked Portis if Tebow could sustain the sort of hits he’s been taking for a seven-or-eight-year career.

“Well, we really haven’t seen anyone do it, [but] Tebow is a different specimen and it’s possible,” Portis said. (Really, I’m transcribing this accurately.) “You’re gonna get beat up...[but] it’s up to Tebow how long his body can hold up, how long can he take it, how long can this work before someone exposes it.”

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