IRS says Santana Moss owes $258,000

It’s a good thing Redskins receiver Santana Moss signed a three-year, $15 million contract at the beginning of this year that guaranteed him $6 million. The Internal Revenue Service has made it known that it wants some of that money.

That’s because, according to the Detroit News, the IRS claims Moss owes the agency more than $258,000. The bad news for Moss (besides the fact you don’t EVER want to be on the bad side of the IRS), is that there’s been a tax lien for $258,017 taken out on his property from taxes not paid in 2006 (he also owns this mansion in Lighthouse Point, Fla., apparently bought for $5.2 million).

While Moss has been simply OK this year (37 catches, 453 yards, three touchdowns), he hasn’t always been wise with his money. In June, we told you about a bingo and entertainment operation in Dothan, Ala.,  that ensnared a number of NFL players, including Moss, who invested money into the project. The plans for the center had been shuttled because the developer pleaded guilty to 10 counts of corruption.

As Yahoo’s Jason Cole reported at the time: “I know four players with $7 million in this thing,” said a source closely connected to some of the athletes. “They keep getting told, ‘It’s going to re-open,’ then it gets pushed back again and again. This is a bad situation for a lot of these players.”

Yet, it sounds like Moss has other things to which he must attend first. Like getting the IRS (and the lien it’s placed on his property) off his back as soon as possible.

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