This Date in Hurricanes History...November 11th, 1930

This Date In Hurricanes History…November 11, 1930
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The Miami Hurricanes lost to Howard 24-0 in Dothan, Alabama.  What's so special about this ?  It was their 2nd game in FOUR days and would be the middle game in a stretch of 3 games in EIGHT days !

The Hurricanes, who traveled via the city's private car, the Spirit of Miami on the Eastern Seaboard Railroad, had played the Temple Owls on Saturday, November 8th in the Atlantic City Auditorium and lost 34-0 in the school's first intersectional game. written by Jim Martz in his 1981 book, "HURRICANE WATCH : University of Miami Football"...

"Then the team traveled to Dothan, Alabama to face Howard the following Tuesday afternoon and lost, 24-0.  Then it was on to Lafayette, Louisiana, where they salvaged the trip with a 6-0 victory over Southwest Louisiana on Saturday.

As if the grueling travel was not enough (remember there were no jet planes then), the Howard game was played in rain on a makeshift field, and after the first two plays the players were covered with lime that burned through their jerseys and caused painful burns before the second half.  According to the IBIS, the Hurricanes had no dry equipment for a change between the halves, and lime burns started to tell.  As a consequence of lime burns, the Hurricanes went to Southwest Louisiana handicapped by the loss of several linemen and two backs."

Ironically, the team not only played in the 2nd ever indoor game in college history against Temple, they also played one of the first night games in college history, beating Bowden State College 7-0 on October 31st.  From Jim Martz' book...

"The field was lighted by unprotected, high-watt bulbs, and oldtimers recall that when it rained, exploding bulbs could be heard as the field gradually grew darker." 

The UMSHoF would like to THANK our friend JIM MARTZ for the idea for this update and for the excerpts from his book...
"HURRICANE WATCH : University of Miami Footbal "  !!!

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