Vince Wilfork says, just so we’re clear, “I am a well-conditioned athlete.”

Patriots DT Vince Wilfork doesn’t get many chances to touch the football. It’s not like old times, when Wilfork returned punts in high school.

Or, at least, it’s not usually. It was today, as Wilfork’s key interception — captured here — keyed the Patriots 35-21 win over the Chargers.

Want to hear him talk about it? Check out some highlights from Wilfork’s interview…

On if Wilfork thought he had a chance to score: “Yes I did. Anytime you get your hands on the ball, you always think about scoring as a defensive player because a lot of the times you don’t get a chance to touch the ball. That’s the first interception of my career. I was joking about it with (Pepper Johnson) and I said, ‘I might end my career without an interception. I forgot who I was talking to when I asked another teammate of mine if they had one. They said they hadn’t, so you never know.”

On situation football and what worked: “We play a lot of situational football around here and in that situation with two minutes left, we kind of know what they were trying to do. I wasn’t saying I was right, but I saw the running back take out, so I was thinking screen and from the look I got from my guard, I anticipated it could be a screen. I actually got in his throwing range, so I made a play and Bill always says if you take a chance, you better make it. I guess I made it tonight.”

On if he needed oxygen: “No, I am a well-conditioned athlete (laughing), I didn’t need any oxygen. I was good to go.”

On if he’s ever had a interception before: “In high school, I had one. I actually intercepted a screen play in high school. I jumped up and the ball was getting lobbed on my head, and I actually picked it, didn’t score, but the quarterback caught me. He was already in front of me. No one caught me from behind.“

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