Frank Gore upset team 'didn't finish' game

Running back Frank Gore rued how the 49ers couldn't close out the Dallas Cowboys and suffered a 27-24 overtime loss Sunday.

"Coaches, players, we've just got to finish it," Gore said. "When it comes to getting first downs, we have to get it."

And it was there for the taking, according to Gore: "I give credit to us. We whupped their (butt) up and down the field all game. Key plays, man. And we didn't finish."

Gore managed just 47 yards on 20 carries, including a 1-yard touchdown run that gave the 49ers a 7-0 lead in the second quarter. Gore also struggled to gain yards in the 49ers' season-opening win at Seattle, totaling 22 carries for 59 yards.

Asked if he's concerned the 49ers couldn't run out the final minutes with a 24-21 lead, coach Jim Harbaugh said: "We didn't run the ball down anybody's throat, to use your question, but yeah, we need to get better."

Now in his seventh season, Gore insisted the 49ers deserve a better ending than Sunday's: "We aren't the old 49ers hoping to win. We're going out knowing that we can win. We can't let any more get away like this.”

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