Antrel Rolle fined $20,000; Kenny Phillips fined $10,000

The New York Giants’ starting safeties have been fined a total of $30,000 for a pair of hits in Sunday’s 28-14 loss to the Washington Redskins.
Antrel Rolle was fined $20,000 for spearing, while Kenny Phillips was fined $10,000 for striking an opponent in the head and neck area.

Rolle was flagged for unnecessary roughness for a hit on Redskins tight end Fred Davis, and spearing is one of the infractions the NFL takes very seriously: $20,000 is the minimum fine. Rolle’s penalty was even costlier for the Giants than it was for him personally, as it gave the Redskins an automatic first down just as the Giants’ defense had stopped them on third down. The Redskins led 21-14 at the time, but instead of punting to the Giants and giving them a chance to tie the score, the Redskins scored a touchdown after Rolle’s penalty to seal the victory.

Phillips was not flagged at any point in the game, and the NFL hasn’t said exactly what he did to earn a fine, but it was reportedly also a hit on Davis. Phillips said today that he plans to appeal.

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