Three takeaways from Vince Wilfork

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Three takeaways from captain Vince Wilfork's news conference at Gillette Stadium on Thursday (11:30 a.m.):

1. Andre Carter's impact. Wilfork was asked what Carter (11th NFL season) has brought to the team, and he touched on his veteran leadership and how he's been an example for others to follow. Wilfork has noticed Carter's work ethic. "That’s one thing that I’ve taken from him, as a veteran myself, just being able to work every day, however your body feels, just fighting through," he said. "That’s what he’s brought and it shows. On Sunday, it shows. He’s 100 miles per hour. The guy never gets tired. We all have to pull our own weight, but just by seeing a guy work like that, however long he’s been in the league, makes it easier for us to go out and contribute."

2. Starting fast, finishing strong. Regardless of record, Wilfork said any time the Patriots face the Colts it means something, and added that he feels the Patriots have a target on their back. He called it a rivalry game. One of the themes this week from the coaching staff is to "start fast" and "finish strong", as 60 minutes of football has been stressed.

3. Channeling his inner Belichick. Wilfork expressed surprise that the Colts are 0-11. "Looking at the guys on film, it’s tough to see [why] they haven’t won a game, to be honest with you, because they’re making plays, but it’s just the little things," he said. "That’s one thing I’m looking at from my point of view. They have the plays downfield, they have the big runs and stuff like that, but it’s just the little things that are holding them back. I’m pretty sure they’re saying the same thing and they’re absolutely right. ... Trust me, you’re not looking at a terrible football team when you’re looking at 0-11 or the Indianapolis Colts this year."

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