Andre Johnson an Intriguing Player for Week 12 in the NFL

Andre Johnson — Johnson finally has been given the all-clear to return from the hamstring injury that he sustained in Week Four, but you'll have to forgive his fantasy owners if their feeling of relief is mixed with a dose of trepidation. Given that Johnson's long-awaited return was delayed by minor setbacks along the way, concerns about how his surgically repaired hammy will hold up are justified. Then there's the matter of his new quarterback. While Johnson was in the homestretch of the healing process, Matt Schaub went down with a season-ending foot injury. Matt Leinart, a former golden boy to USC fans and a former pariah to Arizona Cardinals fans, will make his first start for the Texans in Jacksonville this weekend. Will the Texans' offense sail along as smoothly with the left-hander at the rudder? Or will the drop-off from Schaub to Leinart be significant enough to lower Johnson's statistical output from the elite level to merely good (or worse)?

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