Michael Irvin: Welker is ‘bar none’ NFL’s best receiver

We’ve been tuned-in for the recent debate over whether Calvin Johnson of the Lions is truly the NFL’s best receiver. Johnson, and the other Johnson — Andre — certainly could stake claim to that title and not raise any eyebrows (unlike certain other boasts for Miles Austin and Dez Bryant).

But are we too readily omitting the receiver who is currently leading the league in receptions and yardage, and on pace to break the NFL’s single-season record in both categories?

For those of you not in the know, that’s Wes Welker.

“The job of a wide receiver is to catch passes, move the chains and score touchdowns,” NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin said on ‘NFL Total Access’ Saturday. “No one — and I’ll say this again, no one — in the National Football League is doing it better than No. 83 for the Patriots.
“He’s the best receiver in the NFL, bar none, period.”

Other than being among the best at what he does, Welker has few characteristics of what most think of when it comes to prototypical No. 1 receivers. It was a point raised by Irvin, who believes Welker is doing something never seen before in the NFL.

“He’s unconventional. He does things differently,” Irvin added. “We’ve never seen anything like Welker, because we have never, ever in the history of this game watched the primary receiver from the slot.”

On the way out … who gets your vote as the NFL’s best receiver?

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