Jon Vilma impresses Packers' QB Rodgers

METAIRIE, La. – Jonathan Vilma rarely gets mentioned when the best middle linebackers in the NFL are brought up.

His peers, however, don’t make that mistake and when asked about going up against Vilma, Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers didn’t mince his words.

“For some reason, his name is often left out when you are talking about the best players at middle linebacker,” Rodgers said. “… For some reason, I feel like Jonathan’s name gets left out when you talk Pro Bowl balloting and stuff. When it comes to the payers that play in the game, there is no lack of respect for Jonathan Vilma.”

Vilma has led the Saints in tackles the past three seasons with 151, 130 and 131 stops.

Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams trusts Vilma enough to allow him to make the calls and audibles on defense and he’s constantly battling Saints quarterback Drew Brees during practices.

“I just mentioned in my press conference that any good defense starts with a talented, athletic, very intelligent middle linebacker and that is what the Saints have in Jonathan Vilma,” Rodgers said. “I think he has gotten better.”

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