Vince Wilfork watched long INT return 'a couple times'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Impossible as it may seen, Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork arrived at Gillette Stadium on Monday morning and hadn't yet seen a replay of his interception in Sunday's win over the San Diego Chargers.

Despite countless replays on SportsCenter and local news broadcasts, Wilfork had managed to avoid it until he sat down for a little film review.

"I didn't come in just to watch that play, I always look at the game before we go in as a defense, just to critique myself, and see what we we did well and what things we didn’t do well," said Wilfork. "When I got to that play, I slowed it down and looked a couple times. I won’t lie. I watched it a couple times. That was first time saw it.

"My wife [Bianca], she was all on it. She had the papers, the SportsCenter stuff -- wherever it was out there, she got it, trust me. Me, I'm kinda laid back, I try not to let it affect anything that's going on in the future, especially this week. The [worst] thing I can do is go out there Sunday [vs. Buffalo] and play the worst game of my career, then everybody will turn to me and say, 'Hey, if you weren’t thinking about that interception, you probably would have played better.' I have to turn the page."

But turning the page is easier said than done, especially when the interception (and ensuing rumble down the sideline) is the first topic of conversation with every new person he sees this week.

"When I go places, the first thing people want to talk about is that play," said Wilfork. "I had some people saying that’s the greatest play they’ve ever seen and these people are 60 years old. So they’ve been around for a long time and I'm pretty sure they’ve seen a lot of football. To rank that as one of the best they've seen, that’s an honor."

Wilfork met with the media Thursday morning to talk not only football, but also to announce a new "Tackling Diabetes" program in conjunction with the Joslin Diabetes Center. Fans of Wilfork can pledge $7.50 or $75 for each tackle No. 75 makes this season. Check out the video below to hear Wilfork talk about diabetes impact on his life, as his father, David, passed away from complications of his diabetes while Wilfork was a student at the University of Miami.

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