NFL Network set to give Michael Irvin new contract

Any day now NFL Network will formally announce it is handing Michael Irvin a new contract. Irvin joined NFLN at the start of the 2009 season after a stint with ESPN.

“He’s a cornerstone broadcaster for us,” said Eric Weinberger, NFL Network’s executive producer. “His contributions across the board are as good as it gets.”

As a three-time Super Bowl champion and a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Irvin enjoys unparalleled access to players and coaches around the league.

“He is now an elder statesman,” Weinberger said. “He’s flawless at it. He has the ability in any situation to make the person sitting across the table from him feel like a teammate.”

Irvin’s duties are being expanded. In addition to his all-day Sunday studio duties, he will be in the studio when NFLN begins its Thursday night game broadcasts the second half of the season.

And the network is installing a camera in his Plano home should it need him “at a moment’s notice” to comment on a breaking news story.

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